Due to the advantages of the central heating system - Increasing number of new consumers that are connecting to the central heating system in Skopje

Skopje, 08.03.2017 – The number of new consumers that are connecting to the heating system is in growth. Among the new consumers a large part are consumers that has been excluded from the system in the past. For the increased interest of the consumers to join the central heating system in Skopje there are several reasons, but one of the main reason is the cost of the service, that in the past few years is continuously decreasing, despite the prices of other energy sources used for heating, that are going upwards. Namely, according to the decision of the Energy Regulatory Commission, the current price of the central heating for households has decreased by almost 11% compared to the price in the previous heating season, and also, there was decreasing of the costs for other categories of consumers. “The trend of increasing the number of Heat supplying Agreements for using our services shows that citizens of Skopje are increasingly aware about the numerous advantages and comfort offered by the central heating systems. Besides the bigger comfort, the major advantage of the central heating system is its economy, and the fact that it significantly contributes to the reduction of air pollution in the capital city, which is in line with the growing environmental awareness of citizens of Skopje. An additional factor for the growing trend of new consumers is also the possibility for free connection to the central heating system for all consumers where there are technical conditions for it. The Campaign for free connection to the heating system of Snabduvanje so toplina Balkan energy started before the heating season 2016/2017, and to meet the needs to as many customers the Company decided to extend its validity for an indefinite time, ” – informs Snabduvanje so toplina Balkan energy. According to the latest study of Faculty of Mechanical engineering and MACEF,  central heating system is the most optimal type of heating, especially for urban, i.e. the most densely populated part of town. The results of this study confirms that by further increasing of the number of consumers will provide a better utilization which will enable further price reductions up to 25%, and at the same time it will also allow reducing the problem of pollution in Skopje, because the heating plants are working on gas as the most eco-friendly fuel. For further information regarding this press release please contact                                                           ImagePR | (02) 3290 486 | office@imagepr.com.mk